Wei Ji Leong

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I am a Geospatial Data Scientist from Malaysia πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ working remotely and thinking about where to go next! My background is in Geography, with a particular interest in Earth Observation using satellites πŸ›°οΈ, having done cool research on Antarctic ice dynamics during my PhD in Aotearoa/New Zealand πŸ₯. Specifically, I work on applying Deep Learning methods to Remote Sensing datasets, keeping busy on the leading edge of data-driven research in the Earth Sciences.

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⚑ Fun fact: I was brought up trilingual, and am fluent in English, δΈ­ζ–‡ & Bahasa Melayu.


Cloud-Native Geospatial Webinar - Pacific Perspectives Cloud-Native Geospatial Pacific webinar

The ecosystem of geospatial machine learning tools in the Pangeo world PangeoML Ecosystem 2023 talk

DeepSlide: Self-supervised learning on SAR data for change detection DeepSlide AGU 2022 talk

H2OvalNet: Detecting Fairy Circles from Sentinel-2 imagery in Australia AGU 2022 conference poster for h2oval

zen3geo: Guiding Earth Observation data on its path to enlightenment zen3geo PangeoML talk

DeepBedMap: A Super-Resolution Generative Adversarial Network for resolving the subglacial topography of Antarctica DeepBedMap ML4Polar talk

EGU22 Short Course: Crafting beautiful maps with PyGMT Crafting beautiful maps with PyGMT short course

Teaching machines about our planet: Viewing, Learning, Imagining Teaching machines about our planet seminar talk

ICESat-2 Hackweek - Data Visualization tutorial - Making nice maps for posters with Python ICESat-2 Hackweek Data Visualization tutorial

Spatiotemporal variability of active subglacial lakes in Antarctica from 2018-2021 using ICESat-2 laser altimetry AGU 2021 conference poster on subglacial lakes

ESWN Professional Development Workshop: Developing Free and Open Source Software with PyGMT PyGMT ESWN Professional Development Workshop

The subglacial landscape and hydrology of Antarctica mapped from space PhD thesis on subglacial Antarctica

Spatiotemporal variability of active subglacial lakes in Antarctica from 2018-2020 using ICESat-2 laser altimetry NZASC 2021 conference poster

DeepBedMap: A deep neural network for resolving the bed topography of Antarctica DeepBedMap paper on The Cryosphere

PyGMT for geoscientists: A PyData compatible package for analyzing and plotting time-series and gridded data PyGMT FOSS4G Oceania workshop